The Life You Can Save – Balko

Help to save Balko

He is Balko, a German shepherd of 4 and a half years.

He has a problem in his immune system for almost a year and has not recovered, his disease progresses. He has several perianal abscess that is very painful and suppurate enough; He also has problems with his prostate; and also has an allergy throughout his body that has caused sores and a lot of itching where he scratches or bites and becomes wounds and gender dry skin.

His owners took him to the veterinarian in January of this year and only took care of him a couple of months and then abandoned him to his fate, seeing that he did not improve and generated many economic expenses. So the solution that these people gave was to give it away, leave it in a foundation or simply wait for him to die because they do not intend to give anything for veterinary expenses. They said the dog was a burden to them.

Recently he was at the vet and it was not encouraging; his disease continues to progress, and the problem is that he cannot receive medications because he is creating resistance to them, they have affected him so much that he has stopped eating.

This is very urgent, as he really needs to recover or he will spend his life in a lot of pain. Please consider helping this beautiful dog, as he deserves only but happiness.