Abandoned pig on the street

Pig urgent rescue


What you see on this photo is a pig in the street of my city Bogota. What you are seeing here is a pig who was abandoned by his human “family” just like happen to dogs, when they don’t want it they put them in the street. This pig is been alone, without shelter, without food, and in big danger for weeks. For somedays, nobody saw him but there he is again, luckily alive. A rescue is in process and he needs to come to stay to the sanctuary, that is his only chance. But I need to build here a shelter for him a fence and everything to keep him safe, this is not cheap and we need to do it right, we need your help and this is an emergency.

The stupidity of “mini pigs” is in Colombia now, where there is a big economic problem in this country, people still want to buy $1000 dollars pigs and when they grow, because mini pigs don’t exist, the abandoned in the street like they do with the other animals. I’m freaking out about this! I heard there is more on the streets! But one step at a time. Please help me to help this boy. Check the link in our bio. Thank you. 💖

Please donate here before he is lost again, he cant survive outside, we have fear.

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