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When I decided to start helping animals, I was totally broke with not even one single dollar in my pocket, however, my heart was full of riches and it was then that I realized just how valuable is the unconditional love we can offer to others. Often people tell me that they want to help but they only can afford $1. I laugh because they don’t understand the power of $1, They don’t realize how much this $1 means to someone living in the street without a family, or someone who is in the line to their death at the slaughterhouse.

That $1 donation can do wonders and contribute to saving an animal’s life. It can help us educate people and change someone’s future!

I literally started this dream with less than $1 in a country that is not animal-friendly. I was once all alone but now I am receiving so much love and support from my international family that my dream is manifesting before my eyes.

If you want to support my project, please consider donating at least $1 a month but even more would be simply amazing!

My birthday is around the corner. I was born on Valentine’s day and my only wish is to reach my goal of patreons. Can I count on you to be one of them?


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