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Become a member of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

Support a vegan charity by becoming one of our valued members.

As a member, you’ll be directly supporting the day-to-day operations of our sanctuary and making a positive difference in the lives of our rescued animals and the many others we will help in the future.

Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is a true labor of love — a lifetime commitment to animal welfare in South America and as a member, you are directly involved in that vision.

There are some great member rewards too!

Every member will receive an introductory vegan recipe collection taken from Juliana’s vegan cookbook, Cooking with Jaggy

  • A lovely 100% cotton Supporter T-shirt
  • A super cool Tote bag
  • 20% discount on Gunas New York Products
  • Printed book “Cooking With Jaggy” by our Founder Juliana (AKA Jaggy)


  1. Pay your membership 1 year in advance and get one of our lovely 100% cotton Supporter T-shirts and Gunas New York 20% discount.
  2. Pay 2 years in advance and get the 100% cotton Supporter T-shirt, the Gunas discount, plus a super cool tote bag.
  3. Pay 3 years in advance and receive the T-shirt, Gunas discount, and the tote bag plus a printed version of Juliana’s vegan cookbook, Cooking with Jaggy.

Annual Membership ($200 per year)

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Our Organization is run entirely by grants and donations from the public. Donations go directly to feeding and caring for the animals, and they also fund education and community outreach programs and sterilization programs for street animals. All donations are tax-deductible