Confusion with donations

There is still a misunderstanding as to what it means to make a donation to the sanctuaries. Many people have contacted us with all the desire to “donate” animals for which they cannot be held responsible, this is something inconceivable, a sanctuary is not a place that is maintained with the energy of the universe, it requires a vast amount of resources so that each day is a beautiful experience for the animals.

Delivering an animal without any kind of resource is simply giving up a responsibility, this is not donating. A donation means some type of resource that helps improve the lives of the inhabitants. It should not necessarily be money, it can be work, medicine, food, beds, crates; These resources serve so that we can continue to deliver the best quality and continue to maintain the demanding standards that a sanctuary requires.

The confusion regarding rescues is also repeated, since it is not about moving animals from one place to another, much less buying them to continue financing the exploiters, so that they use those resources to the detriment of more lives. A genuine ransom means giving what you can (or what is necessary if possible), so that this does not imply a second abandonment.


Like everything in life, the more quantity there is, the quality decreases. A good proportion of the human effort must be dedicated to the care of the inhabitants of the sanctuary, sometimes it is impossible to maintain so many lives at the same time. The more attention there is to fewer animals, the quality is much better, likewise, the place where you work would be much cleaner. It is not about hoarding responsibilities that then get out of hand.

We must accept that this world is very cold and cruel, that despite our good intentions, it is impossible to save everyone. Much less if we continue to live in a speciesist society that uses other species as a resource. The important thing is to use the resources that we have in the most intelligent way, so that the place we have is actually a refuge, where the animals feel safe from the cruelty of humans.