🚨 EMERGENCY 🚨  please help me to take Juanito to the sanctuary NOW. Juanito is about 7 years old, he can’t walk and drag his body around, as you can see he hurt his leg really bad, he is terribly underweight and as you can feel for these photos, he is sad. He is about a couple hours away from here, he needs special vet care, the right diet, painkillers and more. The story is very sad, we rescued this pig with a girl who later I found she to have some mental problems, she took the pig away from me when he was just a little baby and I never knew where he went, but our souls were one and we have to be together again.

One day I was speaking with someone who was telling me he has a pig at his parent’s farm but nobody care for him properly and he asked me if he can come here, I asked how old is the pig and his name, he said Juanito. And my heart jumped! I asked for photos and when he showed me the photos when Juanito was a baby I found out was the same pig, he was alive!!! But in these terrible conditions, that guy who now is my friend has no access to his parents’ farm, and he only knows that Juanito needs to be here, he is not receiving the right vet care, he is suffering and in pain. PLEASE PLEASE BE HIS CHRISTMAS MIRACLE please don’t leave him there! Help me to give tie life he deserves, this is an emergency. We need about $2.000 for transportation, first veterinary expenses and fix the area where he is going to be here. Please help me, you are his hope, you are his only option.  Check the link in our bio, and click in the name “Juanito”

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