Support Renovations for the Senior Dogs Area

Hi friends!

Here at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, we love old dogs. They’re slow-moving, a little graying, sometimes wobbly, and usually sleeping. They’re full of contentment, living their last years worry-free, away from animal abusers and years they spent fending for themselves.


Help old dogs be protected

They enjoy a very nice area that connects to the house where they have a nice warm room with a big bed.  But after a year, we need to repair their fence that connects their room to the grassy area. This allows them to go to and from their bathroom (or play area) without wandering off. Right now we have to walk the dogs to their grassy area. To fix this fence with a sturdy one that will last, we’re looking at $1,300.


The senior dogs would be able to spend as much time asleep or at play as each prefers. If each of you donated $10 or $20 or $50  we could afford this fence today! Thank you as always, your friends at JAS.