Support the Fixing of the Cow Barns

It was 11 years ago that we opened the sanctuary doors and brought our very first resident to her new home where she would find love and protection. Gita came from a slaughterhouse where there were many attempts to slaughter her. Because she would not let anyone near her and continued to fight for her life, the farmers got fed up and we were able to save her and bring her to the sanctuary. Our dear Balarama is also a sad yet amazing tale. His mother jumped the fence of a dairy farm in an attempt to get inside our sanctuary and have the baby there. It’s like she knew he would be safe here and did everything she could to keep her baby alive.
For over a decade, we have been providing shelter to residents like Gita and Balarama. Now we have 96 animals under our protection and two more young bullocks, Bernie Sundara and Finnie Gopal. It is not an easy task to take care of them because they are so large and anything they touch can be easily damaged. They also know that we love them and that they are safe, so they tend to misbehave like small rascal children at times. Now, after one year at our new location, the area where the cows sleep needs major improvement. We have to fix the ground so that they can sleep properly and be safe at night. If we can raise enough funding to create a safer and more comfortable space for the cows, it would give us the opportunity to dedicate more funding and time to save more lives just like Gita and Balarama and to invest more time in our educational programs. Make a donation to save farmed animals here.
This is how their shelter is currently looking and we need to fix it ASAP!



Our plan for a new cow barn

Our plan is to put in a steel-reinforced concrete floor and guttering to guide the water away from their barn.
If each one of our supporters could donate as little as $5 towards this project, we will be able to keep these gentle giants happy and safe. Eventually, we’ll be able to bring in more kind souls like them to live with us! No donation is too small and anything is appreciated. Thank you as always, your friends at JAS.