How does Abillionveg work?

For some time now, Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary has been supported by a platform called Abillionveg, which aligns itself with the ideals of a better world for animals. Its creation comes from a very familiar situation in vegan people: the moment in which a dinner is shared outside, with non-vegan people; leading to not finding decent options in the venues chosen for the meeting. This particular dilemma is common in the place where people live, or in others, which are reached by reason of visit.

The way it works is very simple and completely free for the user. Just follow these simple steps:

Download the app and sign up
When you go to eat or see a vegan product, take the photo of this
Write a review and upload it
After accumulating ten, you can choose where the resources you collected will go

Therefore, Abillionveg, provides information from other people in the area, who have compiled reviews of restaurants and products that do not involve any animal exploitation. It is a platform for the discovery and advocacy of the consumer, which aims to help humans begin to create better habits that contribute to the planet, leading us to have a plant-based diet. In fact, its name derives from the intention that, by 2030, there will be a billion people who have more environmentally responsible forms of consumption.


Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is a selected partner of Abillionveg, every day more and more donations arrive thanks to this platform, and around $ 8000 dollars have been raised, which have been invested directly in the animals. Just by enjoying a meal or discovering a product that you want to recommend, you can help the sanctuary in a direct and simple way, it is like a dream come true, as it is a direct effect of a change in habits. There are more than fifty selected partners, who benefit from a simple review, it is a great power in the hands of consumers, who move the balances of supply and demand.

It is also a way to generate a positive influence in the vegan or plant-based community, as restaurants receive the reviews and can improve or change the options they offer, as well as the availability of these. Vegan ventures are supported, making more people know about their products. Help other vegans easily find the best options around, without causing annoyance to others who are not yet on a plant-based diet.

So there is no reason not to use Abillionveg! It’s a great way to contribute to animals, the environment, and people interested in starting a plant-based diet, or vegan. For Juliana´s Animal Sanctuary, this is a wonderful support, which all the animals appreciate.