Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is the sanctuary for dogs too.

Donate to dogs in need

Donate to Dogs in Need

Not all dogs are lucky enough to have a home where they belong. Some dogs begin life living with someone, but are eventually abandoned by their companions when they grow old. Other dogs find themselves homeless when people move from one home to another and cannot bring them along. They wander the streets with nowhere to go because their human companions can no longer support them.
For those dogs, there are those like us who work to help them find a good life once again. Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that provides shelter for these dogs where conditions are infinitely better than those lonely streets. Here, dogs wait to find their next forever home or live at our sanctuary for the remainder of their lives under the loving care of our passionate staff and volunteers.
The dogs who live out their lives at our sanctuary cohabitate with almost 100 other rescued animals, all of which receive food and medical care. They also get plenty of love and care from the good people who work at our shelter. However, for dogs to continue living their best life at our sanctuary, we rely on assistance from sponsors and donations. This is where you can make a difference.

How much does it cost to sponsor a dog?

Sponsoring a dog, or any other animal in our shelter for that matter, can be an affordable and meaningful investment. You can sponsor a dog for as little as $10 a month. This sponsorship will go towards their food and medication, as well as the upkeep of our shelter. It will also go to other essential items, such as blankets, beds, toys, and everything else they need to live a full and happy life.
If you want to help as many animals as possible at our shelter, you can choose to make a donation instead of sponsoring a specific animal. You can donate as little as $5 a month, or up to $100 a month. You can also choose to donate by sending a check to our sanctuary for any amount that you feel can help us continue to save and care for animals in need.

Can I “adopt” a dog and be the only sponsor?

If you love animals but cannot have one in your home because of domestic rules or lack of space, why not sponsor one instead? It’s like having a dog in your care without the physical responsibility of cleaning and care. You will be virtually adopting a dog, and their financial needs will be your responsibility.
This means you will be sending a monthly amount to cover everything that the dog needs. It will be like having a dog at home that you buy stuff for, bring to the doctor, and take good care of. The only difference is that all of the tasks will be carried out by the sanctuary. You will be providing everything your adopted dog needs without the need for your physical presence.

Can I sponsor a puppy?

Puppies find their way to our sanctuary pretty frequently, and they stay here until they are either re-homed or they grow up under the care of our shelter’s staff. If you want to sponsor a puppy, there are a few available for sponsorship at our shelter right now.
You can choose to sponsor a puppy via the usual sponsorship and donation methods that are available to you. You can also choose to adopt one and bring them home to live with you. There are rescued pups in our shelter who have been vaccinated and dewormed.

Who are our dogs and their stories?

There are approximately 130 animals under the care of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, and quite a few of them are dogs. Here are some of the dogs that are or were cared for by our sanctuary:
Fox – Fox is one of the dogs who currently lives a better life in our sanctuary. He was found tied to a post, suffering from multiple fractures due to a collision with a car. He has since had one of his legs amputated.

Sal – In May 2018, Juliana’s rescued a dog named Sal, who was blind, deaf, and had front legs that were deformed. He also had a venereal disease and problems with his kidneys. Sal was rescued even when our sanctuary was already having a tough time keeping up with the needs of all our wards. He was taken to the vet, given a bath, and received the utmost care from our sanctuary. Sadly, Sal succumbed to his ailments and has since departed to doggie heaven.

8 Rescued Pups – Found in a car workshop, these eight pups were born to their mom who was tied to a post. These pups were roaming around dangerously and would have been run over by passing cars had they not been rescued. Today, these pups are living a better life at our sanctuary and are waiting for kind-hearted people in the US and Canada to adopt them. So far, two of the eight have been rehomed and are now living with their new companions in Canada. There are six more pups waiting for you to adopt them and give them their new forever home.

Are there other ways to help?

If donating to help a dog or adopting a puppy is not what you had in mind, there are also other ways you can help these dogs as well as the other animals at our sanctuary.
Membership – You can become a member of our sanctuary and pay an annual membership fee which goes to the general upkeep of our shelter to support our animals. This membership costs $200 per year and allows you to not only help the animals, but also receive exclusive rewards available exclusively to members.
Sponsorship as a Gift – Another way you can help is to sponsor a dog on behalf of a friend or family member. You can give someone the gift of sponsorship by choosing an animal to help at our sanctuary and sponsoring them in the name of your loved one. The person receiving this gift will get a picture of the animal they are helping, a sponsorship certificate, and updates on their sponsored animal. This sponsorship gives you and your loved one a chance to become a part of a very meaningful endeavor.
Volunteering – You can also offer your time and expertise to support our cause. You can come to our sanctuary and apply to be one of our volunteers to care for our animals. Find out how you can help by checking out our sanctuary’s Volunteer Match.

How we will use your donations?

When you make a donation to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, the amount you donate can do a lot. Your donations will go towards purchasing the food, medical care, and shelter needs of the animals in our sanctuary. Some of the funds that you donate are also used to help animals outside of our shelter and to educate other people about the importance of animal welfare and stopping animal neglect and abuse.