Old dog Hit by a car paralyzed

Four days ago a woman recorded a video of an old dog in a park who was hit by a car and was totally paralyzed and in obvious pain. Instead of helping him or taking him to the vet, bystanders filmed him and pitied him.

Juliana found the video while she was working and couldn’t ignore this abandoned dog and jumped into action. That day she couldn’t drive because in Colombia there are legal restrictions that some cars can’t drive some days and this was the day, of course. Juliana had to hire a car to race to rescue the old dog.

The dog was taken to a vet hospital close to the sanctuary where Juliana was waiting. The vets gave the old dog all of their attention, and after an hour they gave Juliana bad news.

The old dog, who we call Arjuna, has advanced canine spondylosis–a degeneration of the spinal column–that came years ago because of his advanced age but nobody took care of him. When the car hit him it caused a hernia in his spine and the pain left him paralyzed. The vet said he would not walk again and the pain for his problem and the hernia would be so intense that his quality of life would be poor. They recommended euthanasia. We also consulted the professional help of a neurologist and a physiotherapist who confirm the bad news.

So Juliana decided to take him to the sanctuary and give to him the best 3 days of his life before having to put him down.

But today…

Here at the sanctuary, we began acupuncture therapy in addition to his medicine and he began moving his back legs!

He is not strong enough to stand but we hope he will be able to function in a wheelchair. We are so happy!

He is happy, being taken care of finally. He eats well and sleeping well in his comfy warm bed.

Please adopt and don’t buy, there are so many dogs in need.

If you want to see some of the dogs at the sanctuary that is ready for adoption and can fly direct to you from South America contact us CONTACT@JULIANASFARM.ORG

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