Prostate cancer and dairy consumption

Diseases will always be present in our lives, but what if there was a way to reduce the risk of suffering from them? Would we take that option? Well this is what happens with the plant-based diet in relation to prostate cancer. And what about the other side? If there was something that negatively affects the risk of contracting diseases? Would we take that other option? Since the consumption of dairy products puts us in serious danger.

Several investigations have determined that the consumption of dairy products is directly related to prostate cancer, in addition that the reduction in its consumption almost immediately affects the risk of contracting it.

Based on a study published in the journal: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
The chances of suffering from this disease are 60% in men who consume dairy products daily. Which clearly shows us that the consumption of this drink is not as healthy as they used to say.


Even the difference between various types of milk, for example lactose-free compared to whole milk, is almost non-existent. It is taking any type of this product that puts men in a vulnerable state.

In an investigation carried out in Canada, 28,737 men have been studied since 2001, 1,254 developed prostate cancer. Men who consumed more than a cup, had 25% more danger, those who drank less than a cup 20% and the differences with did not consume these products is drastically increased.

It was thought that calcium intake could probably be what was affecting people, however, it was also found that the other sources of calcium do not affect people at all. For example, the calcium that comes from broccoli is completely harmless, as is the calcium that comes from legumes.

In some conclusions, it has been defined that the hormones found in dairy may be the most related to the increased risk of prostate cancer. Without the same happening with other vegetable milk options, such as soy milk.

A similar study in women showed that the consumption of these products is also directly related to breast cancer, and there is also evidence that this disease is less common in parts of the world where dairy consumption is not excessive, such as in some parts of Asia .

The fortune for people who follow a plant-based diet is that leading this lifestyle is extremely beneficial in this sense, the risk of suffering from any type of cancer is drastically reduced. The differences with respect to the groups that were regulars to dairy products are very large.

For people who do not consume these animal derivatives, the risk was only 6% and many times lower. There is a separate study showing that a plant-based diet can protect men from prostate cancer. Published in 2021, studying about 6660 men, in which it was clearly shown that there is an evident improvement in the disease.

So, you don’t have to think about it too much. The abuse of animals can also lead us to suffer from serious diseases, not to mention that the consumption of dairy products is just a whim that we have been carrying for millennia, without this proving to be really beneficial for our body.

Which option would you choose?




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