He was thrown out of a 6 story window

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Two women saw a man toss him out of his apartment, laughing, watched as he flew through the air and tried to catch himself with his front legs, which shattered.

In Colombia, you have to have video proof that someone abused an animal, and it took us 10 years to even get that law.

Juliana was contacted a couple days ago to help rescue this boy. They said they had taken him to the vet.

As it turns out, this poor little guy was thrown out of a window a month ago! he was in the vet without the proper help, letting him sit in a cage while his injury healed wrong, his muscles atrophied, and worst of all, he received no pain medication!

Juliana rescued him and took him to the sanctuary where the sanctuary’s vet were waiting for him, now he is on pain medication, physical therapy, acupuncture, and soon a visit will determine through X-rays if his front legs are salvageable or if they will need partial amputation and prosthetics.

Please donate to this little boy to help with his recovery.

If someone can donate $80 to help with his vet bills, we will let them name him for his new life at the sanctuary


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29 Responses

  1. Mon

    Videos are circulating in social medias about the story of this baby. I’m begging you, please post updates regarding her condition. My heart honestly shattered as I watched the video and read the story, then I immediately searched for your website. I would really appreciate it if you could post updates every now and then. Praying for her full recovery and the success of any operation she might have. My utmost gratitude for helping this baby and all the others you will still help in the future. Bless you.

  2. Amanda Lewman

    Donated $100.00 for this amazing boy. He deserves every good thing and peace to recover and heal.

  3. Hugo Guzman

    Please keep me inform of how is his recovery going. If you could send me pictures an videos of him as he progress to recovery. Is there any contact number I can call?

  4. Juan

    Hola, acabo de donar para ayudar a su recuperación. Me gustaria contar con información sobre su avance. Muchas gracias y Dios los Bendiga por sus actos siempre.

    • Paul Rodney Turner

      Thank you for your donation. He is doing really good now. Running and playing!

  5. Alan Garcia

    Aun falta dinero para el cuidado del perrito? 🙁
    Como sigue de salud?

  6. Courtney Aileen

    I just saw this post please keep me updated on this poor baby!!

  7. Stephanie Behrendt

    I just donated 50€ pls help him.
    He shall feel nothing but love from now on

  8. Linda

    Please tell me that there are punishments for this!! I’m disgusted and heartbroken.

    • Paul Rodney Turner

      There are, but most people walk away free. They laws are not enforced here when it comes to animal abuse.

  9. Cheryl Eilliamd

    Why can a Petition not.be started to get this person Punished for what they did!!!!!! This person needs to be PUNISHED ASAP!!!

    • Paul Rodney Turner

      It will probably not amount to anything as here what laws there are to protect animals are not heavily enforced.

  10. Carol Hoehn

    Prayers for this beautiful furbaby to get to a place where he can be mobile someway and gets a forever loving home he has such will to live !!! Thank you to those who took her in!! What evil lives in this world meant for loving care ❤❤❤❤

  11. Ruby

    Bless you for saving him. Prayers go out to him and you all for doing such great work. Thank you so much

    • Paul Rodney Turner

      It is our pleasure and thank you for supporting us.

  12. Janet Redbond

    What a terrible cruel man. I hope he is punished. I hope the poor dog is doing okay. xx

    • Juliana Castaneda

      Animals protection law in our country are poor. But the dog is happy and safe with us.

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