Sweet starving street dog beaten!

Friends, brace yourselves for the latest rescue. This little girl is probably about 5 years old, she has been living on the streets struggling to find food and avoid cars, she has bad case of scabies, and on top of that hard life, this dog has been viciously raped she was found the last Saturday for some good people. The vet also discovered evidence that the rapist used other objects, like sticks. He also beat her on her back and one of her legs. Her body and mind are destroyed, she can’t walk, she can’t control her bowels, and she is terrified of humans.

We want to take her in, we want to give her all the medicines and treatments we can, we want to rehabilitate her body and mind. Her vet costs are high and we need help, she is right now in a temporal place in the city close to the vet and then will be move to the sanctuary.  Let’s show this baby that there are good humans in the world who care about her. That there are more of the good people than the bad. We are also going to try to find out who did this and seek justice.

This are the only photos we have right now, next Monday we will work on this better and bring to you more news.

 UPDATE! Our dear Eden is doing good! She is at the hospital and is eating properly now. She has a broken hip and pelvis and she’s still trying to walk! Once she gains some weight and her skin is better she will have her surgery. It’s going to be a long recovery but we are here for her! She is eating special food, taking medicine, some of which is homeopathic to avoid side effects. After the surgery she needs physiotherapy.
She is SO beautiful! I am amazed at her strength. Her recovery and happiness is thanks to all the people who are helping. She still needs our help! Lets show to her that the world can be kind.

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Sponsorship 4 years old raped dog
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8 Responses

  1. Cheryl travers

    So sad
    I hope they catch the person that did
    There’s probably no laws against that
    I shared and will send something
    Sorry for all these horrible people wee know as humans
    I love you
    Kali Yuga

  2. Natalie Levis

    I am so mad and so sad right now! As you can tell I am a hard-core animal lover and when stuff like this happens, I get very emotional. I hope you can help that poor sweet dog and find the man who did that!

  3. Paula Owens

    This just breaks my heart…How could anyone do such an horrendous thing.
    This vile human being just has to be caught and go to prison because animal cruelty
    And abuse has been committed on a horrific scale to this beautiful dog,and this is
    Not excepted in any society.I am so pleased she is with you now and when I have some
    Money I shall send you some.
    Sending lots of love
    Paula Owens

    • Juliana Castaneda

      yes, is sad, but is our opportunity to sow to her and to the world, there is more good people than bad people!

  4. Louise Jeffery

    I have donated, breaks my heart to look at these pictures, I live so far away and the sad thing is that all I can see is this lovely dog stretched out in my living room being covered in kisses. I hope this is what eventually awaits her, what a shitty world it is at times. I must remind myself that you are there helping or I would lose my faith completely.

    • Juliana Castaneda

      thank you so much! She is doing good, is a long way to go until she is totally better, she have too much fear and can’t walk properly but we know she is going to get better. and we have to show to her that there is more good people than bad people.

  5. Susan Sawyer

    Como me puedo comunicar con ustedes para un asunto urgente de un par de pollitos ????

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