The life and death of quails in Colombia

For approximately twenty years, the coturnicultural industry in Colombia has been growing. This is due to the low cost of quails, their simple maintenance, the minimal space they need, and the short time it takes to lay eggs. The consumption of this bird is 27 eggs per person in the country, but production figures are still far behind, compared to Spain and China.

It is so cheap that it is possible to buy quail on popular shopping pages such as OLX or Mercado Libre, on these same platforms it is possible to find all the necessary clothing, from cages, drinkers, incubators, breeding manuals, among all kinds of accessories.

The initial investment with everything necessary to start production is $ 500. For many people in a developing country, it is an excellent opportunity, in addition to having a good economic recovery in the short term. A quail is capable of laying an egg every 22 hours and does so up to 10 months of age.

This is the “positive” part, however, it must be taken into account that this is done based on the exploitation of thousands of animals in a short term. Due to the speed with which these birds bring economic benefit, they are treated in a very cruel way. Since they are considered disposable from the beginning, because at the end of their production cycle, they are killed in order to make room for new birds.

The way in which the business can grow is 1000 new animals for each production cycle, it is too many for the care to be really optimal. They live crammed into small cages, smeared with their own excrement, with diseases, in addition to the personality traits of every bird, being territorial is their nature, so many times they will find a way to kill those who do not consider should share their home. .

The Colombian government strongly encourages people to join this business, but in a country where agriculture is constant, there is no valid reason not to promote other types of options, such as vegetables, legumes, fruits and vegetables. At this time, there is no serious campaign to actually support the Colombian peasant, who many times must give away their crops.

It is clear that there is a tendency to promote businesses that have a relationship with the exploitation of animals (even people) because they are quick and easy exits, however this should not be this way. Profitability should never be put above life.