The Rainbow Bridge 2015

In 2015, some of our beloved animals passed away.

Some abandoned animals don’t survive the mistreatment they receive in the streets, while others, although living a happy and safe life at our sanctuary, eventually succumb to old age. In 2015, we lost our rat, Tabata. She lived for 4 and a half years (a very advanced age for a rat). Tabata will be remembered as the smallest member of the sanctuary and a wonderfully sweet soul. Juliana had a very close relationship with her and so it was a very painful departure for her to witness.





Sita, the kitten was abandoned when she was pregnant by a so-called “animal lover.” She gave birth to four kittens, but sadly, a month later she died in hospital after a terrible kidney failure.


Bhisma, our beloved senior dog was rescued over 8 years ago. He died of old age and left us heartbroken. Juliana and Ekala cried for several days. He was 20 years at the time of his death and is recognized as one of the founders of the sanctuary. We honor them as souls and the wonderful presence they had in our lives. Each one of them enriched our lives.