This two best friends deserve the best


You may want to know why a farm animal sanctuary is also helping dogs and cats? The number of abandoned dogs and cats in our country is enormous, you can find around 5 abandoned dogs per street. Just in the capital alone, it is estimated that there are around 1.700.000 abandoned dogs.

This is one of the stories and we want to help…for two years, this black dog was with a collar that was so tight it was cutting into her neck. Her best friend, a big pitbull was there by her side. A local woman hired an expert with tranquilizer darts to catch her and take her to the veterinarian. At that time, Juliana’s animal sanctuary received a call for help to cover the veterinary expenses and give her a home for her recovery until they may find their forever home.

During the time she was hospitalized her best friend, the pitbull, was waiting for her at the entrance of the veterinarian in the rain. Today they both left the vet and are in a very small and cold place and are depressed. We need to quickly collect donations to bring them to the sanctuary and make a special area for them that includes new fences. Their options for finding a home are low as they must both go together and in Colombia people only use pit bulldogs for fighting. We need urgent help. We are hoping to get two sponsors for them and help for building the fences.

Help these true man’s best friends into their new lives – Be their sponsor

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