Vegan babies? Is it possible?

This month saw a terrible event, which unfortunately has had too many precedents. Maxim Lyutyi and Oxana Mironova left a 10-month-old child to die of starvation. The couple had a son and decided to feed him based on their own ideals and experiences.

They planned to feed him with sunlight, as they said that for any person, the only thing necessary was to know how to breathe well and absorb nutrients through the energy of the sun.

The man described himself as a radical vegan and she ran a lifestyle and advice blog. They were Russian influencers before they were caught for this crime. The baby could not stand this regime they had him trapped in, he got pneumonia and was rushed to the hospital.



The baby died from the disease and the high state of malnutrition in which he was, his weight was half that of a normal baby.

This caused great indignation among people because they claim that this kind of events are caused by the ignorance of radical vegans, regarding food. This helped to focus the view that an alternative life to the omnivorous diet that most of the world leads is completely unfeasible.

A video also recently went viral of a girl claiming that she doesn’t want to eat animals anymore, because it hurts her to have to kill them to eat them. Comments also pointed out that a plant-based diet is insufficient for the early stages of growth.



@abrahamlopeznutricion Niña de 5 años le dice a sus papás que no quiere comer animales “La naturaleza es hermosa y los animales forman parte de ella” ❤️ Si los niños supieran cómo llega la carne a su plato muchos de ellos elegirían no comer animales. De pequeños lo menos que queremos es dañar a los animales. Hoy en día sabemos que los niños y cualquier persona puede llevar una alimentación 100% basada en plantas y estar completamente saludable. Comparte este video #veganos #veganismo #veganosmexico #fypシ #plantbased #parati #nutriologovegano #vegan #vegana #foryoupage #foryou #viral ♬ sonido original – Abraham López-Moreno

Is this true?



The truth is that researchers state that in any kind of diet what is most important is the variety of foods. The origin of the food is not relevant, but having a diet that requires more information than others, the difficulty is greater and a great challenge.

A plant-based diet does work for the early stages of growth, the essential thing is to plan it. It is much more complex than omnivorous diets, because it is very easy to fall into monotony and stop using food groups, it is important to emphasize that variety is the most important thing, as it is a guarantee that there are several sources of nutrients.


It is important to never neglect breastfeeding babies, it is an excellent source of nutrition. In the case of the Russian influencers, apparently the mom was forced not to feed the baby with her milk, which is a catastrophic mistake in the early stages of life.

Supplements in a plant-based diet should not be forgotten, especially vitamin b12, in some cases it will be necessary to supplement vitamin D, iron and zinc. But this may vary depending on the environment in which children grow up and the quality of food provided.

Resorting to fortified cereals can be very helpful; it is a simple and effective way to get enough vitamins. It is also possible that when introducing solids in the diet, many recipes include tofu to provide iron and zinc to the baby, in addition to being a good source of protein.

However, not everything has to be a challenge, nor does everything have to be of great difficulty. It also has a great advantage, by including green plants in the diet it can provide a lot of vitamins, minerals and calcium, which can be in short supply in certain diets that are too focused on animal products.

It is also an excellent option to have nutritional yeast to enrich recipes. Add it to pastas or as a seasoning for certain dishes.

Fats are important for brain development, so it is important to include nut spreads, oils, flaxseed and avocado. Do not focus on foods that are excessive in fiber, as is often the case in diets without animal ingredients.

Fortified soy milks are extremely important, are a good source of protein and can help supply B12 requirements. Almond, coconut or rice milks are not recommended for infants, as they do not contain enough nutrients and protein.

Grains are an excellent source of iron and zinc and help with satiety. Be careful with allergies, especially to soy.

As in any diet, processed foods should be kept to a minimum. It is a common mistake to fall into this type of food due to our lifestyles that barely leave us time to cook and prepare our food conscientiously.



As mentioned before, it is necessary to keep in mind that several nutrients can come in smaller quantities, supplements should not be forgotten and used in a preventive way.
Not all people can have a plant-based diet, that is a reality that must be admitted, regardless of whether people are adults or are in growth stages. Certain babies who have digestion problems, who are not judicious when it comes to eating.

If the child has allergies with respect to soy or nuts, the truth is very complex to be able to lead a life with a plant-based diet.

The conclusion is simple: It is possible to lead a plant-based life at any stage of life, but it is important to do so in a responsible manner, and to be well informed so as not to make fatal mistakes. As has happened many times unfortunately.