Plant based foods for skin care

There are many plant-based foods that can help us take care of our skin. However, we must not forget that, for optimal skin care, the best option is to regularly use a sunscreen, this will help to avoid premature aging and skin blemishes.

It is true that eating only plant-based means having a large amount of antioxidants in the diet. This is a great advantage over other diets that include animals or their derivatives in their ingredients.

It is known that many fruits and vegetables work for this, but which ones specifically? Which ones should we turn to in order to have more evident effects over time?

Among the most relevant fruits we can find

-Avocado: Thanks to its emollient properties, it helps to hydrate the skin. This is very important because it helps to maintain a smooth texture.

-Strawberries: Rich in vitamin C, K, antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids and flavonoids. Vitamin C helps in the absorption of collagen.

-Lemon: Important source of vitamin C, protects the skin from free radicals. Its benefits are applied by consuming the fruit or applying it to the skin.

-Papaya: High in antioxidants, vitamin C and also stimulates the regeneration of the superficial layers of the skin, as well as eliminating dead skin cells.

-Banana: High in minerals such as potassium, iron and magnesium. Its benefits on the skin are more evident applying masks with this ingredient.

-Tomatoes: It has a high content of the antioxidant lycopene, which helps prevent skin aging, as well as helps protect us from free radicals.

But not only fruits are beneficial for this, we can also find other foods that can be equally or more useful than the previous ones.


Vegetables, legumes and nuts

-Flaxseed: Rich in omega-3, which helps skin stay hydrated.

-Dark chocolate: Rich in antioxidants called flavonoids, which are known to help fight aging.

-Potatoes: Full of vitamin C, they also help prevent wrinkles from appearing on the skin.

-Spinach: Loaded with lots of vitamins A and C, which are famous for helping to maintain skin health. These vitamins are also key in the production of collagen.

-Nuts: As well as flaxseed, they contain a large amount of omega 3, essential fat for our body and our proper hydration.

-Carrots: Famous for their high beta-carotene content, as well as a large amount of vitamin A, including several antioxidants that help the skin like no other.

-Red bell pepper: one serving of this food supplies the daily amount of vitamin C for an adult, with this information it is already evident the great benefits that this food has for the care of our skin and our immune system.

-Sunflower seeds: High content of vitamin E, which helps fight free radicals like no other antioxidant,

-Kale: Already known for being a superfood, with its large amount of vitamins and minerals, it is clear that it is another food that is very useful for skin care, it is not recommended to eat it cooked, as this causes it to lose a lot of its properties.

-Oatmeal: Another food that serves from its regular consumption to its direct application on the skin, is rich in antioxidants and minerals, also contains saponin which helps cleanse the skin and leave it very soft.

-Green tea: Loaded with antioxidants called catechins, which can fight cell damage. One study showed that women who drank green tea every day, over the course of twelve weeks, showed increased levels of oxygen in their skin, which greatly helped their complexion and skin texture.

-Soy: The isoflavones contained in these grains help to make the skin more supple and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

-Broccoli: The high lutein content in this vegetable has a wonderful antioxidant effect on the skin, which prevents the skin from wrinkling and drying out.

It is wonderful to see how most foods that do not come from animals have an impressive amount of benefits. In fact, there is no need to resort to beauty implements that are tested on animals let alone ingesting their flesh or secretions, we can leave them alone while we pamper and nourish ourselves in a creative and very colorful way.


10 Plant-Based Foods for Healthy Skin