What is going on with Perla?

While Juliana was in Brazil, giving the lecture about the work of the sanctuary and the reality of animals in South America, Perla, the pig that was received since she was a baby, had a mishap. On October 8, while she was quiet in her area, she suffered an electric shock with one of the surrounding fences, which caused her muscle damage, which collapsed, leaving her immobile. Of course, Perla was not alone, in the sanctuary, there were three people and immediately reported the situation.

The road to recovery for Perla the pig

Fortunately, the sanctuary has the help of the best veterinarians in Colombia, who were quick to give him all the medical attention, they had the external help of three additional veterinarians who lent their help from the United Kingdom and the United States. It is impossible to find veterinarians in this country that have nothing to do with the meat industry, for that reason it was vital to have foreign help.

The prognosis of the veterinarians is that we will see a complete improvement in the next four to seven months, although it has only been less than a month and we have seen a significant advance, she is already able to stand up with difficulty but can not walk, yet. The dilemma is that this has caught all of Juliana’s attention since Perla has a very close relationship with her. Juliana has had to put aside many obligations of the sanctuary to be fully with Perla.


She can stand up now with her front legs! Is amazing!


These are times of great need, we have to take care of all the medicines and her food, a help right now would be very appreciated, it is in these tests where we must put all our effort to fight for our beloved animals. So if you have the opportunity to support us with a donation or be the sponsor of Perla, we will be eternally grateful.

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