An animal in the hands of human beings is synonymous with responsibility, it is taking charge of a life. However, we have not yet learned about it, as we think that a transfer means a complete rescue, which could not be further from reality. There is a complete conceptual disconnect, in humans, about other species and their needs.


Many people seem to think that animals work automatically just by having a place to stay and some food. If it were a human this would be a crime of indisputable abandonment, but still it is customary to leave them to their fate without any tools for their survival.


It is important to emphasize that many people who proclaim themselves as animalists and / or vegans, fall into these same mistakes. By leaving animals in the sanctuary, promising to take care of them and continue to be part of their lives, when in reality no one fulfills this. In a way, it is understandable because life itself is very complex. At some point, responsibilities can consume any of us, therefore it will force us to have new priorities and organization.


One element to take into account is that of expenses. Well, it is not only about their diet, because to make a rescue properly, it is necessary to take the animal immediately to the vet. This greatly increases the economic value that must be paid, medicines, treatments, consultations and everything that is needed is very expensive. For this reason many people are not able to have pets; in fact a person who does not have good conditions of life should not be in charge of a living being. Not counting time and labor expenses, which can also be very high for the sanctuary staff.


This generates a new framework of animal abuse, either by people who assume themselves as “rescuers” avoiding the responsibility that this implies, as well as people who hurt animals directly and without compassion. Both behaviors are reprehensible and we must continue working to educate humans, in order to realize the disconnect we continue to have with other species. 80% of the inhabitants of the sanctuary were left by people who saved them from horrible conditions, committing themselves to help. To this day, only one person does.


Ideally, the people who rescue should not do so only thinking of doing a good deed. It must be very well planned, taking into account everything necessary for an animal to have a good quality of life. It is not about moving them from one place to another, considering that enough. The objective is to educate people, so that this other type of mistreatment is not committed and to ensure that the rescue is genuine.