Cruelty Free

In recent days, the animation of Ralph, the rabbit, which shows the mistreatment suffered by this species in laboratories, went viral. Many people were moved to see the suffering that animals feel from another perspective. However, we still have many problems regarding the treatment we are giving them.

While it is important that we do not use any type of product related to the mistreatment of anyone, this animation only made public the use of cosmetics, this is just a small part, the tip of the iceberg that hides a much more serious problem.

It has become a trend to viralize, for a time, content related to veganism and the cruelty of humans towards other species. However, none have managed to get people to reflect more deeply, about their habits and the way in which we are destroying the world. Just for whims.

It is not about discrediting anyone, because each audiovisual work that helps to expose animal exploitation is very important. The point is that you cannot stay in just words, much less in the emotions of the moment, this must be a call to act

It is time to evaluate our behaviors, do it constantly, so that we do not stop finding solutions that help to leave behind traditions, which, according to history, are always tinged with violence, towards humans and other species. We must stop considering life as if it were something disposable.

There is a lot of information, now it can be easily found through any search engine on the internet; we have new ways of connecting with people, so we can also ask about any topic that interests us. Therefore, there is no excuse for not being aware of everything that is happening related to animals, they deserve our help and not our abandonment.

Anyway, here you can see some of the logos intended to brand cruelty free products: