Benefits of mushrooms in a plant-based diet

The consumption of mushrooms has been praised in recent years, due to the large number of benefits that are found in them every day. There is still a lot of research to be done, but the advances that have been made in this regard show that it is a wonderful food to complement a plant-based diet.

They are a great help for the intake of micronutrients, especially vitamin D, which is increasingly difficult to obtain, due to the increase in sedentary lifestyle and events such as the pandemic. It also increases the intake of potassium and fiber, with a very important characteristic: its low calorie content. Importantly, potassium is vital to offset sodium intake and lower blood pressure. They are also an excellent source of Zinc, a very important vitamin for the immune system and the growth of children.

They are rich in sources of antioxidant amino acids, which contain sulfur, ergothioneine and tripeptide glutathione. Keep in mind that these sources of vitamins are very important in protecting the body against free radicals. Which are molecules with unpaired electrons, which are very harmful to us and can lead us to have various diseases.

Mushrooms are also considered medicinal, since they have properties that help protect us from many bacteria, among which we can find E. Coli, pseudomonas, bacillus and staphylococcus.

On a plant-based diet, mushrooms are wonderful. They are a very versatile ingredient that combine excellently in a large number of preparations, in some dishes they are used as a substitute for meat. Due to the aforementioned characteristics, they are excellent for completing all nutritional requirements, combined with other vegetables and ingredients such as nutritional yeast, seitan, among others, they make food much more varied and full of life.


With the increasing popularity of the plant-based diet, people are consuming more mushrooms every day. In England, at least a third of the population have said they have abandoned many animal products, turning their attention (and their money) to other products that offer plant-based alternatives.

Mushroom farmers paid close attention to this increase in popularity, thinking it would be a passing trend. However, the only thing that has been true is that each year humans stop eating so many products derived from animals, to go to another type of food that is much healthier. Although many people think that the treatment given to animals is terrible, most choose this lifestyle for health reasons.

It is important that we include a lot of mushrooms in the plant-based diet, as it will help us to have a much more complete nutrition. Its versatility means that the preparation of dishes is not boring, in addition to absorbing the flavors so easily. Many restaurants that prepare dishes derived from only plants are using these ingredients, showing that it is possible to have delicious and nutritious food, but above all, it is cruelty-free.




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