Introducing Cult Quotes | Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary’s Clothing With a Cause

Juliana Animal Sanctuary Launches Cult Quotes

Introducing Juliana’s Animal Sanctuaries new social enterprise – CULT QUOTES!

We’ve been working on something special…

And finally, it’s time to share it with you, our incredible readers.

Now, when you donate to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary you can get a soft-yarn hoody of your choice in return.

Consider it as a little thank you from us. 🙂

What Is Cult Quotes?

Due to COVID-19, we’ve experienced a huge drop in donations.

This means we’ve had to get creative with how we raise the money to care for the 140+ animals under our protection.

Now when you buy a Cult Quote hoodie, 100% of the revenue goes directly to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary.


cult quotes hoodies Because we believe in creating a world that not only takes but gives back.

Plus, who doesn’t love a comfy hoody during these times?

Especially when it has a quote from your favourite character. 

Your donation makes us smile, and our goal is to simply make you smile too.

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What Does It Have To Do With Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary?

A note from Juliana herself:

Rescuing animals is my goal in life, but it takes money to help them. Everything I do, everything I create, everything I invent is always with the maximum purpose of helping animals and making humans happy.

Founded by Juliana Animal Sanctuary, Cult Quotes is a clothing website that provides a range of items that have popular cult movie quotes printed on them.

There is a range of styles to choose from for men, women, and kids. 🙂 

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Make A Donation & Get a Hoodie in Return

You’ll see iconic statements from movies, including:

  • Star Wars
  • Seinfield
  • The X Files
  • Marvel
  • Harry Potter
  • And many more to come over the next year

This idea was conjured up to support the ongoing efforts at Juliana Animal Sanctuary in a fun way.

cult quotes friends hoodieBecause that’s what we’re all about here!

Rather than just asking for donations directly (which you can still give, by all means), the idea was to create some fun and catchy clothing items that people could enjoy. 

We’re always adding more products too so if you’ve got a suggestion let us know in the comments section!

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How Does It Work?

Movie fans, rejoice!

The main items available for purchase at the moment are hoodies based on cult classic movies

Each hooded sweatshirt comes in a range of colours to choose from to suit every preference and gender.

You are also able to choose from a range of sizes, so you can make sure your new favourite hoodie fits perfectly. 

Were you “born a muggle”?

cult quotes hoodies - harry potter

Potter fans will be in their element…

We will be adding more movies in the future and we really want you, our supporters, to be a part of this journey.

You can help us decide what products you want to see, and what cult quotes to include!

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How Much Do You Have to Donate to Get The Hoodie?

The site functions pretty much like any other clothing site you may know.

You simply browse the collection, choose the hoodie you want and pay for it.

The only difference is that 100% of your money goes towards supporting our sanctuary.

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How Much Is A Cult Quote Hoodie?

The cost of a hoodie is around $43.

Juliana Animal Sanctuary Launches Cult QuotesThis doesn’t include shipping but because we are the U.S registered charity your donation is also eligible for a tax deduction.

Where Do Cult Quotes Ship To?

We ship worldwide.

Because this isn’t an eCommerce business, it is useful for you to know we do not offer returns.

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Don’t See Your Favourite Movie?

If you can’t find your favourite movie quote but want to make a purchase then you can always use the contact button on the website to request a design.

If you really just wanted to help the animals instead, you can just make a straightforward donation without having to purchase an item.

Juliana Animal Sanctuary Launches Cult QuotesYou can do that here:

  1. Our Sanctuaries Amazon Wishlist
  2. Make a Donation to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

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As a registered 501c3 charity in the United States, your purchases are tax-deductible.

Make sure you remember this when tax season comes around. 

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Why Your Purchase Matters

Aside from the awesome clothing items, you can purchase from Cult Quotes, it’s what happens behind the scenes that really matters.

Each purchase you make goes towards helping animals that are in need of long-term care and medical treatment. 

At Cult Quotes, 100% of the profits go towards helping the animals.

Juliana Animal Sanctuary Launches Cult QuotesThe Juliana Animal Sanctuary is dedicated to providing care to animals and uses all the proceeds to provide food, medical treatment, and ultimately a home. 

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Why Should You Trust Us?

As with any donation through purchase service, there is always a level of uncertainty when it comes to where the proceeds go to.

You can rest assured that The Juliana Animal Sanctuary uses all profits to re-invest into the sanctuary.

As a registered charity, this is a requirement too. 

Plus why not follow us on social media?

We’re on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter!

Here you can get to know us and see all life-affirming animal content and behind the scenes action here at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary.

We want you to feel you know the animals so we’re always sharing updates on their story, recovery, and more.

There is no way that anything we do would be possible without the help of donations and proceeds from lovely people like you. 

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Our Story at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

We were the first animal sanctuary in Columbia for animals that were considered food.

Founded by Juliana back in 2006, the sanctuary was born to provide care for animals in need while also running education programs to spread awareness. 

We are also fully certified by the Global Federation of Farm Sanctuaries in South America.

Veganism is one of our main focus points of the sanctuary and Juliana herself. 

They often run vegan cooking workshops and provide vegan cooking relief. 

From a very early age, Juliana developed a passion for helping animals and preventing them from being processed into food.

Juliana Animal Sanctuary Launches Cult Quotes This led to her rescuing stray dogs at the age of 11 and nursing them back to health at her parent’s house. 

Inspired to create a safe place for all animals and after years of hard work, she was finally able to purchase land to build the sanctuary. 

After battling through many challenges, the team has managed to support more than 700 animals since opening with that number rising every year. 

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What We Do

The main focus of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is to provide animal rescue and rehabilitation to as many animals as possible. 

We regularly run vegan cooking workshops in the local areas.

This is to educate and raise awareness of the cruelty to animals, educate children in veganism, provide healthy recipes, and also have fun. 

Juliana Animal Sanctuary Launches Cult QuotesSpeaking of fun, the sanctuary also produces a vegan comic.

This follows the lives of the animals at the sanctuary but also helps to educate children in a fun way

You can find out more here.

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Animal Stories

It doesn’t matter which animal, if there is an animal that needs our help then you can be sure that they will have a home at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary. 

It is common to see animals including chickens, cats, dogs, pigs, horses, and many others at our sanctuary.

When an animal arrives at the sanctuary, you can follow the journey and story of each one through social media channels and the website.

This is how you can see exactly how your donation is helping to support the animals. 

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Meet Vahara

Varaha was the only baby that survived birth when his mother was sick.

Unfortunately, Varaha was then raised to be food.

Kept in awful conditions and treated poorly with no regard for kindness or humanity. 

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Juliana Animal Sanctuary Launches Cult QuotesThankfully someone rescued him and after a short period of veterinary care, he was taken to the sanctuary.

As you can see by the picture he is much happier now but also still needs your support to provide food and general care. 

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Meet Natasha

After being run over by a car and thrown in the trash, Natasha was very lucky to survive.

However, following that awful experience, she requires intense surgery, special diets, and medications. 

When you purchase items from Cult Quotes or help with a donation, your money goes towards helping for the care of poor cats such as Natasha.


Emilio has a very bad skin condition and was living on the streets when he was rescued.

Unfortunately, he had a problem with his spine which has led to lifelong complications.

This requires him to be on medication forever which is highly expensive. 

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How Each Purchase Can Help

This is why your purchase at Cult Quotes makes the world of difference.

Our animals need extensive care with surgeries, medications, veterinary visits, and that’s without the daily costs of living and food. 

Juliana Animal Sanctuary Launches Cult QuotesEach purchase you make provides a new opportunity to help these animals live a long and healthy life.

However, while one purchase will go a long way, there is more regular support that is needed through donations.

Through the different levels of donation, you can provide regular support with bedding, food supplies, new building materials for the sanctuary, medication, and much more.

Any purchase or amount donated is highly appreciated, and you can discover the different ways to donate here. 

  1. Our Sanctuaries Amazon Wishlist
  2. Make a Donation to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary
  3. Read Animal Stories On The Blog

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Keep Up To Date

When it comes to donating to animals, everyone wants to see pictures, progress reports, and stories.

Thankfully,  at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary we are highly active on social media and our website. 

You will be able to find backstories on all the animals at the sanctuary, progress updates on each animal, pictures of all the cute animals, videos of the animals, and much more.

Juliana Animal Sanctuary Launches Cult QuotesWhen it comes to charities, we believe in being 100% transparent and try to involve people as much as possible. 

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Additional Resources You May Find Useful

  1. Our Cult Quotes Website
  2. For full transparency can see our financial reports here too.