Foster the People band members visit our Sanctuary

Mark Pontius and Phil Danyew of Foster the People visit our Sanctuary.
Mark Pontius and Phil Danyew of Foster the People visit our Sanctuary.

Last night I got an email from Mark Pontius from Foster the People just before he was about to board his flight to Bogota. They are doing some shows here at famous Festival Estereo Picnic along with other big names like Jack White and Damian Marley. Mark did a search on Google for Animal Sanctuaries in South America and found our site. He asked if he and the band could visit. Of course, we were excited to hear this and offered to make them a vegan lunch.


Today at 12noon, Mark and Phil Danyew arrived. My husband, Paul, the food yogi made them a Quinoa vegetable curry, baked potatoes, cauliflower buffalo wings and hot sauce, and a delicious mango, spinach, avocado salad. They relished the lunch as we talked about the work we are doing here and my stories. Paul talked about the work he is doing with Food for Life and his life as a monk, which really intrigued them. Mark and Phil were so interesting to listen to as well, as they shared their musical journey and how they go to where they are now. We then walked around the farm and introduced them to all the animals here. Mark and Phil were amazed at how big Balarama, our resident ox is and yet also how peaceful and gentle he is.


They both fed the horse and the cow and ox and then we visited all the dogs who loved the new visitors. A highlight of their visit was the new bunny. They both melted to see such a lovely and cute little animal snuggle up to them. Phil was particularly taken by the bunny and we got some great photos of him with the bunny. Mark and Phil then made a short endorsement video for the sanctuary, encouraging people to visit and support the project. We are so appreciative of this.

Next, we went inside and enjoyed a vegan tiramisu I made with some authentic Colombian coffee. Mark and Phil invited Paul, myself and my sister, Dana to their concert tomorrow, so we look forward to seeing them again. Paul then presented Mark and Phil with copies of his books, Food Yoga, and The 5 Noble Truths.


When we told my step-daughter, Kishori and my sister, Dana about the band’s visit, they were overwhelmed with joy, so we got autographs for them. We made them super happy today.

Mark is a new vegan and has been interested in animal welfare for a long time. He was genuinely touched by the work we are doing here and looks forward to visiting again.

Foster the People band members enjoy a day at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

Thank you, boys, for visiting us.