Help us Provide Hay and Medical Care to Our Larger Animals



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We need a little help to get our Animal Sanctuary through the drier months.

Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary was the first animal sanctuary in South America and the only one in Colombia. We offer care and protection to farmed and domestic animals. And as long as we exist, millions of animals will have hope for a better future. Every day, the passionate, hardworking individuals at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary provide compassion and love to the 60+ animal residents––and we’re spreading a message of compassion far and wide throughout Colombia through this example and our online education campaigns.



Water and hay are an urgent need after El Niño

  • Due to El Niño (a cyclical phenomenon), we have not had any rain for the past 4 months here at the sanctuary. The grass is not growing, making it very hard for us to feed the larger animals.

See all the news how el Niño is affecting Colombia here

Water is very expensive in Colombia, but it is an urgent need for our animals to survive and for their grass to grow.

The reality here at the sanctuary is that because of the lack of fresh grass, we have to feed the cows and horse with hay and dry grains, and as the weather conditions are unlikely to improve anytime soon, we need to be able to do so for at least the next 6 months at a cost of about $3000






  • We also need to build a new enclosure for our pigs, Pola and Perla. Perla is growing fast and needs her own space to grow and thrive peacefully, and Pola has all but destroyed her current enclosure. The materials needed to build these for Pola and Perla will cost $2000
  • Finally, Vriko, one of our senior dogs, has been diagnosed with two tumours close to his heart. We thought he was going to die soon, but recently we heard from our vet that Vriko can live with the tumours without pain if he receives special medicines. However, each visit to the cardiologist and the special medicines are expensive and will cost us around $1000.
  • Update about Vriko: Sadly, our dog Vriko crossed the rainbow on February 26th in the night. That was a really sad moment for all of us. He was such a wonderful, gentle and noble dog. Over the last 5 months, we were with Vriko all the time, providing him all that he needed, including hiring 5 specialist veterinarians to try to save his life. He received the very best medicine and attention, but on his last day, we discovered a blot (stomach dilatation) and took him immediately for emergency surgery. Amazingly, although physically weak, his spirit was strong and he survived the surgery, but his stomach and esophagus were so badly damaged the doctor had to cut and remove a big part of them. He told us that Vriko could not survive more than two days without these body parts so for the first time in my life, Ekala and I made the difficult decision to help Vriko cross the rainbow. (We still need to pay all the veterinary care that Vriko received.)
    I made this video for him, to honor his life:
  • vriko video cover


Why We Need Your Help

The total needed to take care of these animals over the next 6 months is $6000.

Your support and generosity mean the world to us. It has allowed us to achieve so much with our sanctuary over the last 18 months and we would not be where we are today without your help. However, as many of you know, it is very hard to raise funds and get the support we need here in Colombia, so we are fully dependent upon our friends and supporters outside of the country.




So today, we need your help and support once again to keep our sanctuary a safe heaven for the animals that needs our love and care! Whether it is through a donation, a link to our campaign through your social media profile, or simply spreading the word around — there are so many ways you can help the animals here.

Can I count on you to chip in for this small campaign?

If we can get 300 people to throw in $20 we can reach our goal. But maybe you would like to do more and contribute $100. Whatever you can contribute is greatly appreciated.