LUCY The Rabbit

Lucy now
Angora rabbits squeal like humans. As humans yank their long haired fur by hand, the rabbit screams and shivers, however the pulling continues. The rabbit's skin is left raw, and so pink that the skin turns into a scarlet color. Once three months have passed and the rabbit is healed, the cruel process begins again.

This is the story of Lucy, the Angora rabbit

Lucy was bought to satisfy the curiosity of students in a school, but the school never gave Lucy the necessary care and she was abandoned there in a dirty, dark, lonely place, where all they gave her to eat were chicken leftovers and precooked food.
Lucy in her nigthmare
The person in charge of taking care of Lucy took advantage of her and bred her to have nine kits (baby bunnies) and sold them for others to eat or to be used for the famous angora wool.
But throughout this nightmare, Lucy was lucky. Camila, a young vegetarian student, decided to do an ecological project in her school and so found Lucy. She told her mother Pilar about Lucy, and were able to rescue Lucy from the horrible life she was living.
Lucy Before
Once Lucy was rescued, she received veterinary care, was bathed, and began living in the small apartment Camila and Pilar.
However, an Angora rabbit is large and needs more space than an apartment. When Pilar found out that in Colombia there was a sanctuary for farm animals she did not hesitate to contact Juliana (director and co-founder of the sanctuary) to ask her to allow Lucy to live at the sanctuary. Juliana did not hesitate to say yes, and so she asked Pilar’s help to build a protective fence for Lucy. (In Colombia all animals or animal no matter the size, must be protected by fencing because some farmers tend to steal animals to sell or eat). With Juliana’s and Pilar’s great efforts, they managed to raise the money for the fence and Lucy was able to come to the sanctuary.
Lucy is now free, happy, and has the company of another rabbit and two hens at the sanctuary.
Lucy & tatiana
Lucy will be an example for our visitors of how animals should live, free and happy.
Welcome Lucy, the suffering is over.

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