New Veal Calf Named Bernie Needs Help

A bittersweet rescue…

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Bernie Sundara


Bernie Sundara (means Strong and Beautiful) was born just two days ago at a small family dairy farm. The family who has Bernie now take care of three cows who they love as members of their family, and will be allowed to grow old. Their cows get to keep their daughters and they get to drink the milk their mother has made for them. However, Bernie is a boy who will not be of any use to the farmers because he cannot produce milk. The family was going to sell Bernie to a different farm, but when they realized this new wobbly-legged baby would be going to a veal farm and killed in just a few weeks, they reached out to us.


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Juliana makes a promise to Bernie’s mother that she will protect him and love him forever.


As difficult as it is for us to take in another animal, we know we cannot deny Bernie the life and freedom he deserves. We are happy to welcome him into our sanctuary, but, at the same time, we are profoundly sad that he will not grow up with his mother. Unlike the typical, bigger dairy farms, Bernie’s mother will not be sent to the slaughterhouse around age 5 when her milk production dries up. Bernie will be separated from his mother even though they could have had the opportunity to grow old together.


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Bernie will have a family and be loved forever


Our hearts are broken because this family will be split apart, but we are afraid of what could happen to Bernie if we do not take him in. Coincidentally, Bernie will arrive on Sunday––Mother’s Day.


Help us make a new enclosure and get food for Bernie the veal calf

Please donate to help us raise just $500 which would cover the cost of fencing and wood for his new house, his special food, and the veterinary care he needs.

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Bernie and his adoptive mother, Juliana.