The hard part

Clyde the rabbit


I’ve always said that I love that my life is dedicated to the happiness of animals and my animal sanctuary.
Having an animal sanctuary is not easy, it’s a pretty complicated, but this has been my dream since I was 11 years old. I don’t have a big, social, personal life, I don’t have a personal business, but if I had the opportunity to do it all again, I would choose this life over and over again.

But there are some hard, emotional aspects of this life that I don’t know how to manage, something that destroys my heart.  I give all my love to each animal and they become my family, my babies, my kids, exactly the same love I have for my human son. I have so much pain and empathy for the sick, sad, homeless, and farmed animals out there that I can’t bring to the sanctuary, and for that, I want to educate and incite more people to save the animals that I can’t bring here.

Today, I have a mix of feelings, yesterday we rescued two male chicks, but today our lovely Pipola the quail that we rescued more than 3 years ago passed away. She had a long life for a quail, but it’s still very sad. She died in our hands while we whispered soothing words to her and stroked her head.
And then our rabbit, Clyde, had surgery 4 days ago and he lost his right eye and although he still has his left eye, he was depressed and refused to eat or drink, which he really needed to recover, so he passed only 5 minutes after Pipola.


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My Pipola

This is so painful for me! It’s the worst part of an animal sanctuary, all the pain that we have to carry. When we finally rescue an animal that was so abused by humans that they die too soon, when we rescue a sick animal with psychological problems thanks to humans, when we can’t take in new animals because we need more space and I feed them and watch them walk home to their abusive owners, or back onto the harsh streets of Bogota.

Money is a common concern with a sanctuary, but the pain we bear through empathy for the short, abused lives of these animals, it’s crushing.

I need to give a better life to all the animals here and the future animals I want to help. They are in a good situation here, but I want and can do more because you don’t stop seeing suffering when you reach your maximum capacity, you expand and work harder. If I can start a sanctuary as a small woman in a country that’s akin to the Wild West, just think what I could do with your help.

If you wish you could do more for animals, but live in a place that doesn’t afford you the ability, remember that I can, that it’s probably worse for animals here, and that a dollar goes so much farther in Colombia. Please check my campaign  here and help me to get a better place for all the animals and to educate more people, and to share the successes with you, my friends, who care as deeply as I do.


I will miss a lot Pipiola and Clyde, I am very sad because of this, I wish they can be here with me , running, happy.

Thank You