Rescued Puppy Can’t Get Enough of his Favourite Calf

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The first thing you’d probably notice about Bernie, a baby cow, and Sri Ram, his puppy, is their size difference. Ironically, Sri Ram is the older of the two — he’s 5 months old, while Bernie is only 3 months.

The two rescued animals live at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary (JAS) in Colombia, where they’ve become the best of friends. Sri Ram joined the sanctuary first, in April, Juliana Castañeda Turner, founder of the sanctuary, told The Dodo.

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  1. Elsje Parsons Massyn

    People please consider going Plantbased Vegan. Both pets and farm animals deserves equal rights and treatment. This picture clearly shows the original generational love between all species (that includes between animals and humans) – meat eating was a human error brought down from generation to generation along with it wars, diseases and sicknesses.

    Lets go back to original Paradise food. Plant based diet free from meet, free from disease and sickness.

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