Summary of the sanctuary year 2021

This year we had many challenges to overcome, with which we learned a lot. We received new inhabitants, who made us consider new ways of organizing our space. Too many events occurred that made us grow like never before.

The beginning of the year was rough, since Juliana had a problem with her hand when being bitten by a dog that was rescued, it was a few months of recovery but the most important of all, is that the dog Chewie now lives happily in the sanctuary and Juliana made a perfect recovery.


Although not everything was great, as we also tried to save Platero, a donkey that was severely injured and abandoned. He came to the sanctuary from a remote part and the transfer had to be as careful as possible. Here he received all possible veterinary attention, everything was done to save his life, but unfortunately the damage he had received was very serious.


There are times when it is better to give up so as not to continue doing more damage and let life run its course as it should be. Platero now rests in the sanctuary, we will never forget him and he will always be remembered for being surrounded by love in his last days.



Beautiful wooden houses were also installed, which today are inhabited by goats, rabbits, a llama and a sheep. In addition, we were fortunate to have volunteers who painted them to make them even more beautiful, the artists names are Praxis and Juegasiempre, you can find their work in social media with those names. They have helped us a lot to have better security and better shelter from the inclemencies of the volatile Colombian climate.

One of the most important and titanic rescues of the year was that of one hundred and twenty-six quails and twenty-six rabbits. The story of the quail is completely terrifying, as they were found in an aviary which had poor hygiene conditions, so much so that out of three thousand birds, only the one hundred and twenty-six that we received survived. At first, the sickest one who arrived here did not make it, at this moment we have eighty-six, who are very strong and full of vitality.


In the case of rabbits, this caused the population of these rodents to increase in the sanctuary. Since many of them arrived pregnant, without any sterilization process; still, we accept the challenge. Now every one of them lives very happily, eating as they have never done in their lives.

The year ended with one of the most excellent news for a sanctuary. We have a new house with a huge lot that will give us the opportunity to take better care of all the animals. Here we can better locate cows, pigs, and large species. We no longer have to troubleshoot the steep hillside that covered much of our old home.


Now, it does not mean that we completely abandon the house that has given us so much joy. We are going to keep it, so that other species such as birds and goats can be more comfortable here.

We are sure that this coming year will have better news for the animals of Colombia. With renewed strength and all the love in our hearts, we will continue to advance to ensure that our rescues are of better quality as well as our care.

Happy new year to all!