The vegan message of Guardians of the Galaxy

This article may contain spoilers.

Marvel’s latest movie has become one of the most popular in recent times. But this time it has marked a difference with respect to the others.

These have been characterized by taking current issues and printing them in the plots that its protagonists must face. This helps the audience feel identified with their problems and feel a connection with what happens in fiction.

Guardians of the Galaxy has been characteristic from the beginning in relation to the other superheroes of this well-known comic book company. The heroes we had seen so far were humans who faced some conflicts, although at the end of the day they managed to get ahead thanks to their virtues and willpower.

This time we can see a band of very imperfect characters trying to survive in a huge galaxy, coexisting with others who surpass them in power and who could finish them off with just a wink.

Initially, the heroes we see in the movies were not the original ones. Over time, they evolved and changed until they became the members we know today. Something interesting is that they have always been outcasts who gather their abilities to protect the most defenseless beings in the galaxy.

This concept translates into a kind of inclusiveness, starting around the 1960’s, when this topic was still barely addressed. This team was able to bring together several aliens with nothing in common to work together and overcome challenges.

This made them even more striking, in a way, because people are able to identify with this type of vulnerable personalities, who have nothing resolved and their lives are full of internal conflicts.

To be honest, there is no way one would have expected that a science fiction movie, belonging to such a big franchise, could touch the subject of animal abuse.

Finally, after a long time, it was possible to put a name and features to a problem that has been affecting this planet forever. Many people could not hold back their tears when they saw the story of Rocket Raccoon.

Seeing the brutality with which the High Evolutionary treated all the animals, as well as keeping them alive with the illusion of being released after they had done their job, we could see that in reality this is something that happens every day in our world.

In addition to feeling the innocence of the animals with respect to the absurd actions that our species does every day against all those we tend to consider as inferior.

Although there have been other films that deal with this subject, some like “The Plague Dogs” (1982), this is the first time that the medium, especially in Hollywood, has seen this subject in such a massive way.

All beings that inhabit this known universe want to be free, to have the option to make the best decisions for ourselves depending on our capabilities and the way in which we face the problems that life presents us.

To cage others is to consider them less than garbage. It is to use them for ends that are ultimately selfish, that do little to bring about real change in our daily lives.

An example of all this in real life is vivisection, which has never achieved the expected results in medicine or cosmetics. It is an anachronistic practice that has no justification whatsoever.

Some people say that this latest installment of Guardians of the Galaxy may be the best movie about animal abuse. At least from Marvel and probably from Disney, it is.

The reactions make it very clear that no one likes this kind of thing to happen in reality, that’s what affects so much. For while it is a work of fiction, the problem they deal with is completely real and tangible.

Not even those who consider themselves carnivores or who pretend that this is not a problem of theirs, could resist the pain of seeing this beloved character suffer such a horrible fate.

It is even mentioned by Nebula, one of the guardians, that what they did to her was nothing compared to what they had done to Rocket. What we do to animals just for our whims is a true horror.

Although James Gunn, its director, is not a vegan, he has made several statements about the abuse of the environment and has said that the way we eat today makes no sense and will not be able to cope in the future. He was in charge of bringing the script to life, which moved his actors to tears. If they couldn’t take it, it was logical that no one else could.

Every day this problem is more evident, this film means one more step towards the abolition of this type of practices, and hopefully, towards the complete eradication of animal abuse.




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