Eighteen apps to make your vegan life easier

Nowadays, we have apps that help us in our daily lives, they can be of great help to organize ourselves better, obtain new knowledge or improve our health. Veganism does not escape from this, since many people have developed very useful tools to facilitate a lifestyle that does not harm other species.

From recipe compendiums, meditation sessions, home exercises, information on cosmetic products, among many other options, we can find several apps that can help us start a life without exploiting animals, or make our conviction stronger if we have already been following this lifestyle for many years.

Here we share eighteen applications that are very useful:

1. Happy cow: offers general information on restaurants and products from more than 180 countries, it has the tool to find the nearest one. Reviews and photos can be shared. Founded in 1999, it has around 860,000 users, who have created more than one million reviews worldwide. It’s not just about food, it’s possible to find other establishments offering cruelty-free cosmetics and clothing alternatives.

Free with some access included, price: $3.99 to access all their options.


2. Vegamecum: gives weekly recipes, plus it has an audio option to listen to while you cook. The database it has is very extensive and very easy to access, it goes straight to the point and has many categories so you don’t run out of resources when cooking.




3. Bunny Free: made by PETA, its function is to help find products that are not tested on animals and the companies that manufacture them. It has a database with a search engine, so that people can enter the name of the company they are curious about, and immediately the answer comes out if they test on animals or not.





4. Veggie Alternatives: it is used to find options that replace products such as eggs and dairy products, it is not as accurate in places in the world that are not Anglo-Saxon, but it does offer suggestions about products that serve as a good option to not sacrifice taste or health. It also has forums in which it is possible to clear up any doubts you may have regarding the vegan diet or certain products.




5. Vegan Additives: helps the user to look at chemical additives with which he/she has doubts. Enter the name of the chemical component or the product to know immediately if it is suitable or not for vegans.




6. 21 day vegan kickstart: made by doctors (PCRM Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), it is the best option for people who want to start a plant-based diet. It provides information about nutrition, recipes, as well as being based on scientific facts. It also sends daily messages to keep you motivated on this path. It is highly recommended for people who need information at the beginning, however, for others who are more experienced in veganism it may not be as useful.



7. Vnutrition: developed by the Vegan Society of the United Kingdom, it is useful for proper nutrition if you already have a vegan diet, helps for proper intake of nutrients and portions, has a list of foods that are suggested to the user to consume daily, to ensure that the portions are necessary in that list includes information about the tasks that are done better, for example, if we are consuming enough omega 3.




8. Dr Greger’s Daily Dozen: similar to Vnutrition, it helps to fill out a list that serves to eat all the portions that serve for a proper diet. Although it is more specific than the previous one and is based on each of the foods, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, carbohydrates, etc. In addition, it includes information described in this doctor’s books, which provides tips for weight loss and better overall health.




9. So Vegan: contains a large number of recipes, there are more than 400 and has the option to export the ingredients to create a market list. It also has videos that show the process in a clear way to clear all doubts, not only that, it also includes lists of each recipe to go marking the step by step.

Price: Yearly (save 50%) / $19.99 Monthly – $3.99




10. Vegan Scan: it is very simple to use, you can scan the lists of products in the market to know immediately if a product is vegan or not, just like using a barcode reader.






11. Veggly: similar to Tinder, is a dating app for vegetarians and vegans, to make the process of finding a partner with the same ideals much easier. As it says in its description, relationships with people who do not share the same diet, can deteriorate over time and lead to more problems than what is already normal in a couple. With this application, people can be sure that they will find someone to dine with peacefully.




12. Abillion: has the option to share products, restaurants and vegan options in the place where you are, filling a large database that serves all over the world. In addition, the more you share reviews, the more you can support different animal causes around the world. In another article, we talk in depth about this app (Link to the article), which is one of those that support the sanctuary.



13. Cruelty Cutter: an application to scan codes of personal care, cosmetics and household cleaning products to find out if they are tested on animals or not. By sharing reviews on this application, both negative and positive, points are accumulated that can then be redeemed for cruelty-free items. Likewise, negative reviews of products are sent to the companies that manufacture them so that they take into account that less and less people support this type of activities.



14. Oh She Glows: created by Angela Liddon, New York Times best-selling author. It is a great compendium of recipes, more than 160, that give detailed information about the preparation of each dish, in addition to having options to view the content offline for shopping and cooking moments. It has very elegant photography, meticulous recipes and the option for people to add their own culinary notes.

Monthly fee of $1.99


15. Bev Veg: important for people who consume alcohol and don’t want to support animal exploitation, it shows which drinks are suitable for vegans. A large number of wines, beer and other drinks can be found so that people who are fond of drinking can find vegan options.




16. Food Monster: contains a large number of recipes, there are more than 20,000, it is the application that has more information about it, recipes are added daily. It is very useful to get inspiration, especially in those moments when we do not know what to prepare or what ingredients to use. It is part of the content provided by One Green Planet, who have the initiative to transform people’s lives through information, articles, recipes and lifestyle.

Free with in-app purchases.


17. Fork Plant-based Recipes: created by the Forks Over Knives platform, it contains a large number of recipes from more than 50 chefs and is the second best-seller in the food category in the App Store. There are new recipes every week. The app has excellent design, is easy to use and the recipes are guided step by step. It has the ability to export the list of ingredients to be converted into a shopping list.

Price $4.99


18. Feel Better: an app that helps you lead a healthy lifestyle with a plant-based diet, contains recipes, exercise classes, tips for better sleep and meditation sessions. Based on the principles of Ella Mills, who has written several plant-based cookbooks. There are over 800 recipes and about 300 home exercise sessions.

Fee of &3.99 Monthly / $32.99 Yearly




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